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Xplainme, Germany


Experience Design
Atomic Design System
UI/IxD Design


Feb. 2021 - May. 2021


The rise of e-learning platforms creates the perfect challenge to learn peer-to-peer in a socially networked way.

Overcoming obstacles together, Xplainme is a platform for user to share their knowledge so that others can learn new things. As the first real social learning network, it creates a world in which the great energies of social networks are combined with the structure of eLearning. In this way, learners master the hurdles of everyday life in order to gain new perspectives.

In 2020 we partnered up with the two founders to rethink and redesign their MVP ‘fast to market’ approach. We kicked off with a workshop and scoped out the project into 3 smaller phases. The first one was to set a mood and create a design direction. Phase 2 was to create most of the page designs and basic navigation (UI work), while phase 3 is planned to tackle the more complex features (UX work).

1042 delivered on spec and exactly as requested. We worked with two of their designers to both bring a fresh look and feel to our platform and create some really nice concept improvements. Thoroughly recommend their work.
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