EnBW Mobility+
Find, charge and pay in the EnBW HyperNetz.

EnBW, Germany


Experience Design
Atomic Design System
UI/IxD Design
Product Consulting


Oct. 2016 - Ongoing


Energy transition means rethinking. Thinking differently. Thinking fresh. The perfect setting for the course for the future.

As a leading electric mobility provider, the satisfaction of EnBW’s customers are the be-all and end-all at heart.

We were asked to join the core team in 2016 to cooperate and envision the future of electromobility. Our cooperation has grown stronger over the previous few years, changing the face of their online and mobile platforms and, as a result, increasing their client base through transparency, outstanding user experience, and loyalty.

EnBW’s e-mobility offering, EnBW mobility+ App and the EnBW Hypernetz, has been relying on 1042 Studio’s exellence in design concept and execution since its first day. Originally launched in 2017, we have since jointly grown the app into the leading platform for Germany’s expanding population of e-mobility drivers. Our app won several awards for user experience as well as best overall offering. I think our journey speaks for the core qualities of 1042: in starting fast, and in growing, they are the reliable and ultimately skilled partner on your side.
Florian Riedl
Head of Digital and Lead Portfolio
Smooth onboarding. Smooth shopping.