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Other than scaling rooftops, we craft unforgettable experiences by making products and platforms better, smarter and easier to use.

Ten Forty Two is a creative studio that makes digital (and super powered) ideas, products and experiences. We’re called Ten Forty Two because it’s the timestamp of the first email that connected both founders – the start of a great superhero journey. Great for us and hopefully great for the people and organisations we collaborate with, great for their customers, and most of all great for the planet.

Ten Forty Two


  • LeeDesigner | Founder
  • KarimeDesigner | Founder
  • JulianDesigner
  • MarciDesigner
  • TomDesigner
  • StanDesigner
  • MattDesigner
  • ImanSocial Media
  • CatherineAdmin



2x Red Dot Awards
3x Connect Test Awards
1x Green Product Award
1x German Online Communication Award
1x German Digital Award
1x German Stevie® Award
1x German D-A-CH Award
1x Top Fernhochschule Award

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Our Clients Partners

We design and develop gorgeous, memorable products for our clients partners.