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1159 FInance, Germany


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Jan. 2021 - Ongoing


Nobody wants to have debt right? This is a question often mentioned but one altogether unrealistic today.

The problem most small and more so large organisations face is how do they keep track of the debts and when do they begin to enforce correct legal meausres to ensure creditors get their money owed.

1159 Finance is a competent, serious and powerful partner in debt collection. With a web-based software solution, that ensures efficient, simple and transparent debt management.

We partnered to design the experience and UI of their software and website, following the creation of their new brand and guidelines. A complete project built from the foundations up.

I've worked with the founders of 1042 since 2015 and decided to partner with them after they formed their studio. If there's anything about the basis on what they have built their studio on, it is that they are doers. Combine this with honesty, transparency and talent and you'll never need to worry about the digital side to your business. 1042 cares for our brands, websites and software.
Daniel Raimer
Founder & Consultant
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