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🦸🏻‍♂️ Superhero code of honour

We build great products for super clients and we’re here to make a difference for everyone we come in contact with. Be it over a coffee, through an app, or in a workshop. Our code of honour is a set of things we try to follow daily. Think of it as the source code for Ten Forty Two.

It's nice to be nice
Being nice is hard work. Trust us when we say that. However, have you ever noticed that when you're nice to someone, nine times out of ten they are nice back to you. This is the number one mantra in our studio - it keeps a good vibe with everyone we come in contact with. It costs nothing to be nice, and it's just damn nice to be nice.
Be creative superheroes
We (designers) hold the power to change the world. To use our super powers to change the lives of people for the better. To save the planet from negative forces. We use our powers wisely. We think, how can we design a better future. Time to dust off those glasses Clark, we're redesigning the future.
The truth matters
Truth is the shortest path to transparency but not always the easiest. Being honest might feel like you will upset someone. Most likely no one will be upset because being nice (see point 01) makes a world of difference when delivering honesty. Be true to yourself, to your clients, and see how relationships blossom.
Journeys are fun
The world is changing rapidly. Technology travels at lightening speeds and software design trends recycle faster than a wink of the eye. Ten Forty Two is an ongoing experiment and you're all part of it. Embrace it. A life that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to old dimensions. Let's experience this journey together.
Problems need solving
Regardless of roles at Ten Forty Two, one thing is inevitable; There's problems to be solved and people worth solving them for. We're not limited by set roles or job titles (we're not into titles anyway). If someone wants to break out of their comfort zone to solve a problem, we support you. If you're waiting for someone to step in and solve it for you, don't wait. See next step.
Ask for help
Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enought to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it. Reach out to anyone in Ten Forty Two. If people are overloaded, step up and offer your hand. Whether we fail or succeed, we do it together.
Teams win championships
Michael Jordan once said "Talent wins games, but teams win championships". Given his career success, he knew what he was talking about. When presenting or talking about work, we don't use "I" did. Instead we use "we" did. Ten Forty Two is here to win the world saving championships (that should be a thing by the way) and "we" can win it together.

We're hiring!

Superheroes Wanted

If you are looking to hone your craft, ignite your passion and make positive change, you have come to the right place. We are always looking for new passionate team members that share our vision.